Your Renewable Energy Partners

DESI ENERGY has been promoted by a group of companies & individuals adding value to their clients by providing well engineered solutions, services & products in respect of power requirements including Engineering, Procurement & Construction of Power Plants.
DESI ENERGY was founded in 2009 with the mission of promoting well engineered sustainable solutions to Rural & Urban India with a core philosophy to converge their synergies & strengths to contribute to the National Cause while serving the World Environmental Interest.
While the rest of the world has been focussing on power production using various technologies as conventional & nonconventional however to draw a Parallel relationship between Demand & Supply at a National level DESI ENERGY has focussed on Energy Conservation through understanding the direct power requirements & indirect power requirements. In line of above DESI been relentlessly working on how to Reduce Power consumed to heat water for commercial / industrial purposes and how we may improve Power Quality / Reactive Power Management and as an integral part of the solution “Energy Saved is Energy Produced” without which the Demand/Supply relation shall be a linear line with Demand only followed by Supply.
The founder of the company Mr. Shishir Gupta has over 29 years of techno-commercial experience in Project Management, Solution Development and Execution of projects in the Power Sector within India. He has worked with 40+ clients ranging from XEROX Europe, ASEA Sweden, ABB, Siemens, Alstom, L&T and BHEL in works of Software to Civil, Mechanical and Electrical works on over 60 projects PAN India
He is an accomplished and seasoned executive with experience in varied business operations such as Software, Thermal Power, Water treatment, Cement, Sewage, Petro Chemical, Ports, Switch Yards, Electrical Distribution (11KV Lines) and presently evangelizing Renewable Energy.
Our team is working tirelessly towards adding value to Energy Conservation Solutions provided to our customers
“Energy saved is Energy Produced”